How B U Elite Is Adapting To COVID-19


I had a conversation with my brother one day. He advised that nobody will truly understand who you are as a person, your passion on building a brand as a stepping stone to help the culture, or your vision until you share the inspiration behind the brand. Being the spiritual man that I am, believes God put that word in him for me to receive and it’s stuck with me everyday since. I then thought about an African Proverb on page 31 of Charlamagne Tha God’s book, Black Privilege. It stated, “When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind”. With that said, my roots stem from Brooklyn, NY where I was born. I traveled from Bermuda to Scotland for small stints (my father was in the military), and landed in the seven cities of Virginia. Some may call it the 757 or Tidewater. I grew up in Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach majority of my childhood. I visited New Jersey, mostly East Orange and Newark, a lot because that’s where almost all my family on my fathers side lived. I grew up to love basketball, Hip Hop, and fashion mostly due to my brother, whom I had the conversation with about writing a bio. I even had a semi successful basketball career. I  became a VA High School Basketball State Champion, former High School Basketball VA State Player of the Year, College Basketball Rookie of the Year (playing half a season might I say), and had an opportunity to play professionally. I never played professionally but that’s another story. But, I did earn a BS in Accounting. To sum up my resume I’m a mentor, basketball coach, basketball trainer, former Bank Manager, math teacher, husband, father of three kids, and a foster parent.
The purpose for the B U Elite movement is to instill confidence and self love within self through the brand. The end goal is to establish a gym with classrooms to mentor and teach the youth about history, art, health (mental health/food/exercise), & economics. Also to train and teach individual/team fundamental basketball.
B U Elite: Be Elite At Being Yourself